Welcome to our brand new "Awards We've Won" page!
It is truly an honor to be recognised for all the work we have put into our site, & nothing says "Well done"
quite like a page full of cyber-awards! :-)

Our Proud Accomplishments!

Won December 21st, 1999
We'd like to thank Regina for this lovely award!
It really made our day
to receive it!

This award was for our Posty Page.
It was our first award, from Blackhorn Productions.

Won December 22nd, 1999
Thank you Theresa for this adorable award!
It is an honor to receive it!

This award was
from Anny.
Thanks Anny, we really appreciate this!

Won December 23rd, 1999
Thank you very much Kim,
for this beautiful award! It really gave us a smile to win it!

Dec.23rd, 1999
This award really means
a lot to us! Thank you so
much Cindy, for this
wonderful honor!

(Cindy has since discontinued this award,
so I have removed it's link here.
R.L. ~ Feb. 29, 2000)

Won December 24th, 1999
We'd like to thank Ariel for
this gorgeous award! What a great Christmas Eve gift! :-)

Won Dec.27th, 1999
Thank you so much Brandi,
for this lovely award!

Our first award of the New Millenium!
January 3rd, 2000
Thanks very much Coral!

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